Congratulations to our raffle winner!

We would like to congratulate Michelle Dreyer for winning the 2022 OFSS Raffle.

A special thank you to our raffle sponsors:


Akko Sports

Nahak Sports

Working Dog Equipment

Norman’s Naturals


Jutzi’s Auctions

This is a great start up package for Michelle as she is new to the sport!  Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle!

How and where does someone get started in dog powered sports?

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable environment to learn the exhilarating sport of bikejoring, skijoring, canicross, or dog sledding? The Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports Inc. aspires to inspire novice and advanced dog powered sports enthusiasts! The OFSS Inc is a grass roots club established in the 1980’s as a forum for like minded individuals to get together and organize dog sled races throughout Ontario. Our new mission is to provide mentorship, education and advocacy for the harness dog sports. We do this through getting started clinics, fun runs/races, zoom educationals and liaising with government and professional agencies. We welcome anyone into the sport regardless of experience, breed or number of dogs. Please contact us on Facebook if you have any questions, or would like to join our club.

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Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports
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