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Timmins Dog Powered Sports Association

Dec. 2, 2019 The Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports is happy to announce the establishment of an affiliate membership with the Timmins Dog Powered Sports Association. The province of Ontario has a rich mushing history, but when snowmobiles replaced dog sledding, much of this history has been forgotten. The OFSS in alignment with our affiliate clubs are on a mission to revive the beauty and active lifestyle of participating in all dog powered activities.

We are excited to broaden our membership and expand our club to include all of Ontario, from the urban mushing groups in the south, to the snow filled trails that still exist in the north.

Dog powered sports provides a healthy bond and lifestyle for both human and canine, and our goal is to continue to grow our club and promote these activities throughout Ontario.


Oct. 7, 2018 The OFSS is happy to announce we have a club membership for Mush with PRIDE. Please check out their website. You can order patches through their website for $5.00. The OFSS will purchase the Sled Dog Care and Safety Equipment guidelines and make them available to members.


Feb 2, 2018 With the recent video making the rounds, we at the OFSS feel obligated to comment to the public. Our organization was formed to promote, educate, organize and participate in various disciplines of harness dog sports. We have passed and encouraged members to follow our in-depth standards of care for dog husbandry and kennel management. We also provide kennel inspections to all members to help achieve and maintain those high standards and invite those that have not had one to contact us to make arrangements. The OFSS is not a governing body for the sled dog industry or enthusiasts. It is not in our mandate to endorse or oppose any facility or individual. Therefore, the OFSS cannot take a position in matters in which we have no authority. ____________________________________________________________________ The OFSS is a group who welcomes ALL! We are presently working very hard to change the image of the OFSS to better incorporate “ALL” – whether you have one dog or one hundred dogs. You don’t have to race to be a part of this club. We are working on organizing other events separate from the races which are already established. We are trying to come up with new ideas that will better suit the needs of the recreational person. Anyone with any breed of dog that can pull is welcome to join. Contact the President or Vice President for further information and member contacts. Present members can bring the newcomer a wealth of information to make working with your dogs more enjoyable each and every day. canoe

If any club member has any ideas to better the club or has constructive concerns please contact the President or Vice President of the club with your comments or ideas. Have safe and happy trails.