Established in 1986, the OFSS represents a wide variety of sled dog enthusiasts including sprint racers, distance racers, weight pullers, outfitters, ski-jorers and recreational mushers. We welcome anyone who has a dog and wants to learn how to enjoy your dog in any pulling fashion. This sport is not just for winter. It is a year round enjoyment. Our members are located throughout the entire province of Ontario and beyond. We are affiliated with the Sporting Dogs Association of Ontario representing the working side of dog mushing, Mush with Pride which represents the animal welfare side of the sport, and the Canadian Federation of Sled Dogs representing the competitive side of dog sled racing.

The OFSS’ two main interests are expanding the activities of sled dogs along with the humane care and handling of the sled dogs. The OFSS supports and helps organize races for all ages, from the Kid and Mutt Races to the big teams of Long Distance Racing.

The OFSS hosts symposiums with the biggest name in sled dog racing as guest speakers. We host vaccination clinics, campouts, training camps for rookies and many other events that promote sled dogs.

The OFSS organizes a race series here in Ontario that brings the cream of the crop of competitive racers to compete against each other to determine the top racers in each of the following categories: 4, 6 & 8 dog sprints and mid-distance. On average over the last three years race attendance shows 59 % of the competitors in races within Ontario were OFSS members. Races may attract anywhere from 20 to 80 competitors and crowds of spectators up to 2000 people and more. Our membership demographics range from children competing in the Kid and Mutt Races to retired corporate executive and business owners competing in the more advanced classes. OFSS members kennel sizes vary with each member, but the average size kennel within the OFSS membership is 10 – 15 dogs.

For the future, the OFSS is planning on establishing a provincial championship that will determine the top competitors in Ontario and move them on the Canadian Championships and then on to the World Championships and possibly the Olympics.

The Ontario Federation of Sled Dog Sports is an organization committed to promotion of all aspects of the sled dog culture while at the same time making sure the care and humane treatment of the sled dog is insured.

We hope that this profile will give you the insight on the OFSS and it’s members and we hope that your organization would like to be associated with the sport of sled dog racing and with us.

Thank-you for participating in the OFSS.