Canicross, Bikejoring & Scooter Clinic – April 2017

April 29-30th 2017 Canicross, Bikejoring Scooter Clinic
at Killara Station, 5205 Gelert Rd, Minden K0M 2K0.

If you have ever wanted to learn one of these sports or even just try them out, come and learn from the one of the best. Karen Koehler has competed all over the world and is a decorated champion.

This clinic will teach you what you need to know to work in a team with your dog on a scooter, bike or on your feet running Canicross. As with all sports this sport has its risks, but when done properly, the fun and health benefits for you and your dog are there for you. You can learn the correct equipment to use, trail etiquette, nutritional information for human and dog athletes, training program ideas for human and dog athletes, dog care tips especially for paws, learn about various places to train, clubs and races you can try. The clinic will be tailored to the needs of the individuals who attend, focusing on the topics they are most interested in.

Kickbike Ontario will also be there to let you try out their models of kickbikes (scooters).

The clinic starts at 9.30am and pre-registration is required, please contact Susan Peel MacDonald on 705-854-0055 or by email: to get more information and register.

Saturday only $60
Sunday $30 (half day)
Or $80 for both days
If not OFSS membership a extra $30 to cover insurance.


9:30 am  What do we want to learn? An intro to basic equipment and techniques.
11:00 am Try it out:
         One group helps the other than switch. 
         Tips from instructor. 
         Try some of Kickbike Ontario’s kickbike scooter models.
12:00 pm Lunch.
1:30 pm  Debrief morning practice and more detail on what people want to learn.
2:30 pm  Practice games.
3:30 pm  Debrief of games.

9:00 am  Try a trail with a friend or alone.
10:00 am Debrief and more topics of choice.
12:00 pm OFSS AGM Lunch - open to all OFSS Members.
12:30 pm OFSS Annual General Meeting 
         (Includes the always fun certificate awards voted on at the meeting).
2:30 or  Club training fun and games. 
3:00 pm  (May start earlier if meeting ends sooner).