Spring Fundraiser Fun Race: May 18th


A Fun Race to practice your Canicross, Scooter and Bikejor skills with your dog. Must be a member of OFSS for insurance purposes; you can purchase membership at the fun race site.

Location: Paws at Killara Station, 5205 Gelert Rd, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0


    • 7:30 Fun Race Registration opens.
      $30 dollars flat fee for whatever number of classes you want to do. The money raised will be split between Killara Station and Yours Outdoors.
    • 7:45 Tips and Tricks session.
      Must register before 2:00 pm May 17th with Yours Outdoors. There is a extra cost for this session.

      This session is for those who wish to get some help planning their race strategy, e.g. becoming familiar with race etiquette, proper equipment, dog care/feeding/hydration/paws, practice passing etc… in advance with their dog and other participants.

    • 9:00 Fun Race Registration closes.
    • 9:15 Fun Race meeting. This meeting will go over race rules and everyone racing should attend.
    • 9:30 Fun race classes begin. There will be a 700m race and 1.5-2km race for each Canicross, Scooter and Bikejor. You may use one or two dogs in your classes. You can do both for each sport if your dog(s) and yourself have enough energy.
    • 12:00 Relay Fun Race Class (Canicross, Scooter, Bikejor).
    • 12:30 Pizza lunch (bring money for Pizza slices).
  • 1:15 Prizes/Awards.
Updated: July 25, 2022 — 8:58 pm

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